Final Web page project

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Mobility Project Experimentation

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Firstly, I have to say this project is too much fun! I literally tapped the camera to the side of my car and drove around Granville island! I intensionally placed the camera at an angle that we normally wouldn’t see, but could still have a clear and complete perspective. Because the observed can hardly see the camera and the observer can see the entirety of the view, it really feels like a self-made mobile surveillance camera.

For the finished product I will elaborate on this idea and maybe try something different. Another interesting concept is to incorporate the orange indicator into the car idea!

Google Earth Project

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Existing and under-construction skyscrapers around the world

FINAL FINAL Urban Intervention

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I am pretty happy with the result. The minimalist design conveys the message relatively clear. I intensionally post it beside a “NO PARKING” sign in the totem pole place (the area beside the concrete factory). Then I ask the people around to look at it and think what the message in the sign is. Once they saw the real parking sign beside it they understood it. Most of the viewers said freedom!
This project is truly inspiring and meaningful to me, especially the process stage.


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Final Urban intervention

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I have to say, this project is inspiring but also proves to be headache-ish. During the class on wednesday, I received some comments and critiques regarding to my “sign”.

Even though my idea and position is neutral, the sign itself carries a prominent connotation. This becomes controversial to the message that I am trying to send out.

Over the weekend I tried a number of different arrangement with the same idea. Different ways of combining the hammer and the sickle and mixing in a bunch of symbols for tools. At the end, they all seem too symbolic.


Finally, I stopped playing with the symbols and went back to think about my initial idea. What I’m trying to convey is that we live in a world of symbols and signs. Our lives are controlled by sign and symbols because they act as orders that tell us what to do. Sometimes we should stop and think about a world without signs that tells us what to do or symbols that represents a particular thing.

Then I found the best and probably the only way to convey this idea.

the un-sign

A fun urban intervention by VW

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check this out!! It’s a public interactive art. I guess this is also a form of urban intervention.

It’s really amazing! enjoy